E-Stim Connect is a free service supplied by E-Stim Systems on a best efforts basis. We do not guarantee the availability or suitability of the 'service' E-Stim Connect, nor the website at any time or location.

Is E-Stim Connect Secure?

E-Stim Connect is as secure as we can make it. All communications to and from the server are encrypted with SSL connections.

All connection keys are generated in a time sensitive random manner, and it's extremely unlikely someone will be able to guess yours, and even if they do, you can disconnect and reconnect to get a new Connection Key, locking out someone you won't want to stim you. Keys only last for 4 hours, so someone obtaining an old key would not be able to use it in any way.

Records of connections to the server are only retained for technical support and do not contain details of commands sent to your E-Stim unit or its responses. Such records only contain the IP of the computer requesting the connection, the key issued, and the version of the software being used to make that connection. No other data is retained. 

No Personal Information

Commands sent to your E-Stim unit and its responses are never stored on the server, although E-Stim Systems may, with your permission, monitor commands sent and responses received during an active debugging session, but this would only occur with your full knowledge and permission.

We don't store reams of personal information as we consider it a security risk and we don't need it. If we don't have your personal information they we cannot loose it to hackers etc.

Is E-Stim Connect Safe?

Yes. E-Stim Connect is safe

E-Stim Connect offers an external layer of control over your 2B via the internet. You still retain full control over your 2B at all times.

Should a remote user get a little 'frisky' and attempt to take you beyond your comfort levels then you can either setup the level blocking system (see the Preference System), or manually reduce the output level, hit the OFF button, or simply disconnect the remote user. Using E-Stim with a remote user does require an element of trust, so do not place yourself in a position where you couldn't reach the controls of your 2B.


In line with modern security practice we welcome feedback in relation to security issues and operate a responsible disclosure policy . If you feel you have found an issue with E-Stim Connect that we need to address, then please feedback via our security reporting page.


E-Stim Connect / e-stim.online Data Protection terms and conditions

To ensure ongoing compliance with European Union data protection laws, including, but not limited to, the General Data Protection Regulation, which came into force on May 25, 2018, (“GDPR”), we need you need to agree to our terms and conditions below to continue to use E-Stim Connect and e-stim.online. This document explains the information we store and process; you must consent to it to be able to use E-Stim Connect and e-stim.online If you do not consent, then you will not be able to use E-Stim Connect or e-stim.online.

Your consent to these terms provides the legal basis on which we store and process data.

The type of computer or software you use to connect to e-stim.online may be stored, and used to help us ensure the site and/or apps are compatible with as many members as possible, or to display information in the manner best suited to your device (including, but not limited to automatically selecting a language for you, based on information supplied by your web browser). Cookies and tracking.

In line with many other sites we do use cookies in order to keep track of when people visit our site. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies,  We use google analytics tracking and Alexa analytics services to monitor the use of the website, and ensure the continuity of the service. We do not share this data with any 3rd party.

Data that we share

E-Stim Systems Ltd via the E-Stim Connect service does not share your data with any other third party or service, outside E-Stim Systems Ltd save for the following exceptions:

  • If a complaint is made by you, or by another member or by an authorised legal representative, regarding your use of E-Stim Connect or e-stim.online, then E-Stim Systems reserves the right to use some or all of your data to determine our response to the complaint, but we will not share it with another third party or service unless absolutely necessary, and will always aim to share the minimum amount of data possible.
  • If we receive a complaint from a law enforcement agency, we will comply with any and all warrants to share your personal data with that mandated law enforcement agency.