E-Stim Connect has been extensively tested on a number of different operating systems and browsers, with hardly any failures and has proved to be robust and effective. However if you are having issues then we will endeavour to help.


Latest Version

Before you start are you running the latest version of E-Stim Connect? If not then check the Downloads page. You can find what version of E-Stim Connect you are running by visiting Help-> About when running the  E-Stim Connect application. 

Factory Reset

A number of issues can be cured by performing a Factory Reset on your 2B before running E-Stim Connect.


E-Stim Connect cannot connect to the 2B

Symptom  Possible Solutions
E-Stim Connect does not list the COM port 

Check the USB Connection to the Digital Link Interface.
Install Drivers (PC/Mac).
Restart E-Stim Connect.

It sees the COM port, but no 2B is detected

Check the Digital Link Interface is connected to the 2B.
Check the 2B is switched on.
Check commander is enabled and active on the 2B (not required for firmware 2.106 and above).



E-Stim Connect cannot connect to the server

Check your internet connection. Check our Twitter Feed to see if we have reported any issues with the E-Stim Connect server.



Cannot change level but can change modes or other settings

Perform a factory reset on the 2B. This should cure any issues.



Mac - Preferences Error

If you have already installed an older version of E-Stim Connect on your computer you may see the following error

preference exception error

This is caused when the preferences file stored on the computer does not match the preferences setup of the new version of E-Stim Connect

To solve it remove the Macintosh HD/Users/<yourname>/Library/Application Support/EStimConnect/ folder. You may find this is a hidden folder. To switch hidden folders on, navigate to Launchpad/Other, run terminal and in the terminal window type defaults write com.apple.finder AppleShowAllFiles YES This will allow you to see all hidden files and folders.