In certain circumstances a Mac will not allow any software to be downloaded unless it has been installed from the App store. As we do not use the App store for downloads, but we are an identified Developer, it is necessary to slightly modify your security settings in order to install E-Stim Connect. If your settings do not allow installations from locations other than the App store, then you will get the following warning

 Mac cannot install warning

To change your security settings

Click on the Launch pad Icon

 launchpad Icon

Select System Preferences

system prefs

Select Security and Privacy

Security and privacy icon

make sure the general tab is clicked,

security privacy window

and if the padlock at the bottom of the window is closed then click the padlock


you will now be asked to enter your administrator password

enter admin password


Now tick the circle next to Allow apps downloaded from: App Store and identified developers



and click the open padlock  to save the settings.



You should now be able to go ahead and follow the instructions to Install E-Stim Connect on your Mac