Using E-Stim Connect on a PC.

Quick version

  1. Install E-Stim Connect.
  2. Connect 2B. This should install the drivers for the Digital Link Interface, but if not you will need to download and install the drivers,
  3. Run E-Stim Connect.
  4. Connect to 2B and our server (Select Serial Port & Press Connect button to find your 2B, connect to our server and generate a key).
  5. Share Key with your play partner.
  6. Ask your partner to visit and type in the Connection Key.
  7. Play

Longer Version


1 Install E-Stim Connect

Step 1 is Install E-Stim Connect  E-Stim Connect is a code signed 64bit application, and needs to be installed.

2 Connect Digital Link

Connect the Digital Link Interface cable and install any drivers if required. With Windows 10 it should be a case of plug in the cable and wait for the Digital Link Interface to be recognised, but in the event you do need drivers they can be found on our Drivers Page.

Connect your 2B digital link interface, to your computer and your 2B. Switch your 2B on, and ensure Commander on the 2B is switched on and active. (version 2.106 and above have the Commander interface enabled by default.)

3 Run E-Stim Connect

E-Stim Connect is the program that talks to both your 2B and our server, allowing an external user to control your 2B via the Internet and a webpage. Running E-Stim Connect, you will be presented with the Connection Screen. When E-Stim Connect runs for the first time it will look on your computer for the existence of any serial ports.

Starting to run E-Stim Connect


No Serial Ports?

When E-Stim Connect runs for the first time it will look on your computer for the existence of any serial ports. The Digital Link interface will show up as a Serial Port, so if E-Stim Connect does not see any serial ports, then you have either not plugged in the Digital Interface Cable, or there is a driver issue.

 no ports


If when you run E-Stim Connect you get the above warning window, then you have no serial ports on your computer, and the Digital Link Interface has not been connected, or the drivers have not been installed correctly. You will need to check everything is connected and re-run E-Stim Connect. If you are still having problems then have a look at our trouble shooting guide.

4 Find and connect to your 2B

Use the E-Stim Connect auto search feature to search for a connected 2B. Click on File Menu and select Find 2B. This will start E-Stim Connect looking for a 2B plugged in and switched on and connected to the Digital Link Interface. The 2B must be connected, switched on and Commander Activited (versions 2.105 and below) for this to work.

Searching for your 2B


Manually selecting the Com port

If you do not want to use the Auto Search option, then you can manually select the serial port your Digital Link Interface is connected to via the dropdown menu.

Manual selection of COM port

2B Not found 

2B not found

If a 2B is not found then check the Digital Link Interface cable is correctly connected to both the 2B and your computer, the 2B is switched on and if your 2B is running firmware older than 2.106, check that it is switched into Commander mode. Also check if the drivers have been correctly installed. If you continue to have issues then consult our troubleshooting guide.,

2B Found

2B Found

When your 2B has been successfully detected by E-Stim Connect, the COM port will be set and you will be offered an information window giving details of which port was detected. Click OK to continue.

5 Generate the Key 

E-Stim Connect connected to Server

Once your 2B has been detected you can click on the Connect button, this will instigate a connection to our server and generate a unique Connection Key.

Once the connection has been established you should see the generated Connection Key, as well as connection details on your 2B (battery level and firmware version).

The button should now show orange indicating an connection to the server, but no connection to your remote partner.

No Connection to the Server

In the event the server is down, or your internet connection has been interrupted, then you might find you are not issued with a Connection Key, but E-Stim Connect shows that it has  successfully connected to your 2B (as indicated by the battery Icon and the version number showing on the bottom of the screen). If this occurs then check your Internet connection and or try again later.

No Connection to the Server

No Response

If you attempt a connection when your 2B has not been correctly detected, or you have inadvertently selected a COM port then you will get a no Response Error. 

No Response fro the 2B


6 Set Preferences

As your 2B has now been found and is connected to our server, you can now setup any preferences you want via the menu option Edit->Preferences

E-Stim Connect Preferences screen

Preferences allow you to prevent the remote user from changing power levels (High/Low), changing the program mode, and if you are using a firmware version including or later than 2.107, you can set the maximum power levels the remote user can use.

To set or clear a preference simply place a tick in the relevant box and click on the Save button. If you do not want to change any preference, then simple click on the Cancel Button to return to the main screen. Preferences are saved from session to session.

7 Share the key

Right click on the key code, this will copy the key link to the clipboard. You can now send this link to your partner which will allow them access to the webpage on the server with your link code (use CTRL+V to past the link). 

 Connect Webpage Opening Screen

If you would rather just share the code, then ask them to visit and type the code in.

Connection keys last 4 hours. If you do not use the key before the four hours expires then the key will be useless and you will have to generate and share another key. As long as you start to use a key within 4 hours of it being created, the session you are playing in will not be effected when the key expires. Only one person can use a connection key at a time.

Once the code is entered they then click on the blue connect button on the web page and will seen the control access page appear.

 E-Stim Connect main screen

You should see the icon on thebutton on E-Stim Connect turn green indicating a connection with your remote partner. They can now use their web page to control your 2B.

 E-Stim Connect connected to Remote

If you makes changes to the 2B via the controls, the changes should be visible on your remote controllers screen after a few seconds, subject to the delays of the internet connection. The OFF Button allows you a quick method of overriding the remote user and dropping all the outputs on your 2B to zero.


Pressing the Disconnect button will disconnect your current connection to your remote partner, but will still hold a connection to the server, giving them the ability to use the same key from a different device, allowing you to pause play. If you press disconnect again, then E-Stim connect will disconnect from the Server and your 2B and the generated key will be invalidated.

In order to start play again, simply press the Connect button again to connect to our server and generate a new Connection Key.