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Software needed for E-Stim Connect. You only need to run E-Stim Connect software on the computer that is directly connected to the E-Stim Systems 2B. The remove user does not need to run or install any software apart from an internet browser.

E-Stim Connect for PC

Latest build for Windows 10. PC Install instructions can be found on our installs page, and detailed instructions on how to use E-Stim Connect on a PC can be found on our instructions page.

E-Stim Connect.exe (Version 1.1 13/9/2018)

E-Stim Connect for Mac

E-Stim Connect is a 64 bit code signed application built on macOS High Sierra (10.13.6) Mac Install instructions can be found on our installs page, We also have detailed Instructions on how to use E-Stim Connect with a Mac on our instructions page.

Latest Build 21/09/2018 Version 1.1 Build 38 E-Stim Connect.dmg


How do I know what version I am running?

Follow our FAQ guide for checking software version.


E-Stim Connect for Linux

E-Stim Connect for Linux is not currently supported but  is available for download.

Linux Build (Version 1.1) 13/9/2018



Drivers for Digital Link Interface Cable

Generally modern machines automatically install the drivers for the Digital Link Interface, but if you need them, they are listed here.

Drivers for Windows.

Install instructions for Windows drivers can be found on our Installing PC Drivers page.

Drivers for Mac.